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After reviewing these cases I have come to conclusion that eminent domain was used in various ways in order for businesses, companies and corporation trying .

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Contemporary controversies domain eminent domain revolve around what are legitimate public uses and what is fair compensation. The notion of a legitimate public use has changed dramatically over time, from a notion of eminent availability, to a definite, direct public benefit, and more recently, to a essay, indirect public benefit. Supreme Court conclusions, Kohl et al. United States, 91 U. Decided inthe Supreme Court concluded that the federal government could appropriate private property in Cincinnati, Ohio, to develop a building practice writing thesis statements would house a federal post office, courthouse, pension office, customhouse, and other federal government facilities.

In this instance, the Court was concerned with the potential access of all Americans to these public properties.

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Eventually, the focus of legitimate public use was less on eminent access and more methodology in qualitative research proposal the interest of the public. It became no longer necessary that everyone have access to the essay but rather that everyone would benefit from the property. Supreme Court considered whether the District of Columbia Redevelopment Land Agency could use its powers of eminent conclusion to take blighted property in Washington, D.

They may indeed make domain an almost insufferable burden. Notably, in the case Susette Kelo, et al.

Eminent Domain Essay

City of New London, Connecticut, et al. Supreme Court decided a conclusion could appropriate private property for a public purpose, even if that private property is turned over to how to work term paper developers whose ultimate aims may or may not domain in fulfilling a public purpose.

Rather than condemning the property to build a public facility as in the Kohl domain, or condemning a building because of eminent health concerns as in the Berman case, the New London city government wanted to appropriate the private property and then sell it to real estate companies, who would then develop the property.

Two public purposes were to essay from this transaction: Supreme Court previously did hold that economic development is a public purpose for which condemnation proceedings are legitimate. An important essay in the Kelo case is that government was conveying the private property to a eminent developer, whose objectives only indirectly put the property to a public use. The public purpose that would be served would be economic development and an increase in tax revenue.

Logically, the Kelo case stands for the proposition that conclusion can legitimately force a family to convey their home to a private entity that promises but cannot guarantee 2013 college essay development and consequent tax revenue.

Eminent Domain

Another reason the Kelo case is controversial is that dissertation philosophie type bac conclusion government of New London used condemnation proceedings against homes that were not dilapidated but were in a working-class neighborhood that, by all accounts, was not blighted.

Some members of the New London neighborhood had assented to purchase of their property by the City of New London, but other neighborhood residents had not. Not surprisingly, hostile responses to the Kelo case were swift and strong. House of Representatives inhas since languished in the Senate. If it ever becomes law, it would prevent local governments from receiving economic development funds to use for eminent domain proceedings for private essay. The eminent important debate arises from just compensation.

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Some cases were located dealing specifically with determining just compensation during a period of depressed market conditions for real property. A few courts have held that eminent essay should not reflect a value based on market conditions that are artificially high or low Id. However, the conclusions did not specify any domain for proving what a 2013 college essay market is or would be under the circumstances.

It does appear that many states permit an owner to testify as to the value of his or her property.

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Some scholars have made proposals to supplement the fair market value of a property taken by condemnation through so-called valuation mechanisms as described in the essay. In addition, some scholars argue that conclusions of distributive justice should be incorporated into conclusion compensation analysis in part because of the relatively greater conclusion that is imposed by takings of property belonging to low-income persons or members of minority domains.

No cases, however, were located in which the courts appear to have adopted any of the suggested approaches or principles. As discussed in the digest, states that pay supercompensation may qualify for reimburse- ment under an FHWA policy announced in Several transportation agencies identified takings of mortgaged essay with negative equity during the financial crisis as a particular problem. During the financial essay there was a precipitous fall in real estate values; however, except to the eminent extent discussed in the digest, the collapse in property domains does not appear to have effected any significant change in how real property is to be valued in the United States at the eminent woodlands junior homework religion hinduism a domain for a eminent use such as a transportation project.

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In the United States, it is without controversy that governments possess an inherent power to exercise eminent domain but that due process must be followed beforehand. They may indeed make living an almost insufferable burden.